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Information Technology Strategic Advisors

IT Support for Central Maryland.

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Cyber Security and Information Technology Support Services for SMBs, Non-Profit Organizations and Government Agencies.

Having System Integrity means to have your technology work as it was designed and engineered to work. As Information Technology System Integrators, we ensure the security and reliability of your IT Systems by Identifying world class products and managing them within our state-of-the-art ecosystem. With this in place, your team can now leverage over 40 years of “best practices” from around the world to create processes and procedures that maximize your efficiency and productivity in a secure cyber environment.
What do we do?
"Build, Connect, Store and Protect; Information Assets and Technology"
What System Integrity does is Build, Connect Store, and Protect your Information Assets and Technology. Whether its structured cabling, internet redundancy, wifi, endpoint protection, security or industry compliance; the key to our success is a roubust and integrated hardware and application ecosystem and strong vendor relationships. Our Remote Management and Monitoring, Service Automation and IT Documentation tools are designed to work synchronously. We work with the vendors of each of the IT products we support to develop API integrations that feed data interactively to our management tools in a manner that allows us to scale while maintaining the level of support your company requires. The relationship with our vendors is symbiotic. It is as  important to us as customer relations. These robust relationships are built to last and are designed to ensure that our designers and manufacturers are just as invested in your success as we are. They have our back, allowing us to focus on having yours.

Network Infrastructure

Your business may be in one of 3 places; brand new facility with in need of data cabling, existing facility in need of upgrade or an office with professionally installed structured cabling already built out. System Integrity Feature State of the Art Cisco Meraki Network Infrastructur. View the video and give us a call for a walkthrough to help close the gap in any infrastructure needs you may have.

  • Structured Cat 6 Data Cabling
  • Firewall and Security Appliance
  • Intrusion Detection & Protection
  • Cloud Managed Switching
  • Cloud Managed Wireless Access Points
  • Verizon, ATT & Comcast 4G Failover

Managed Services and Support

Discovery, Diagnosis, Design and Deliver

Managed Services and Support start with a discovery call. We want to know about your business. If you are a for profit

business, wha

t make you profitable. If you are an non-profit organization or Government Agency, what are your key performance indicators? How can we help you sup

port your clients? With the input of your team we perform a baseline diagnosis of the state your technology ecosystem and design a solution that suites your specific needs. The delivery of your solution is implemented on a project management schedule by our team of certified network engineers and support technicians.

Managed Service and Suport need typically include but are not limited to the following. Let us know how we can optimize our capabi

lites to support your business drivers.

  • Remote and On-Premise Monthly Support
  • End Point Security & Protection
  • Malware / Virus / Ransomware
  • Remote Monitoring & Management
  • Password Management
  • Onboarding / Redeployment
  • Software Patches and Updates
  • VoIP / Telephony
  • Microsoft Office 365 / Google for Business
  • Proprietary and/or Off-the-Shelf Application Support



Advanced Security

Cyber Security, Insurance and Industry Compliance

SysIntegrity’s Managed SOC (security operation center) is a managed service that leverages the RocketCyber Threat Monitoring Platform detecting malicious and suspicious activity across three critical attack vectors: Endpoint | Network | Cloud. This service is comprised of an elite team of security veterans and experts who proactively hunt and investigate threat activity across all of your managed small-business customers. We perform the triage of detections and work with your team on the remediation when an actionable threat is discovered.

Whether you currently have Cyber Insurance or not, System Integrity ensures that you are proactively prepare to obtain coverage by combining our Managed SOC with an integrated stack of security tools including:

  • Security Assessment and Vulnerability Testing
  • Incident Detection & Response
  • Cyber Security Training
  • Email Phishing and Ransomware Protection
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Disaster Recovery Plan

Sheldon and Sons Painting is a family owned business with 28 employees, started in 1972. Over the years we have grown to over 25 employees. In doing so we have learned to adapt with the latest hardware and software technology to run our business more efficiently. We brought System Integrity in at a time when our phones were malfunctioning and our internet connectivity was spotty at best. System Integrity came in and immediately deployed a quality system that we have relied on for the past 5 years. 

Scott Sheldon


“Over the past 5 years Curtis Funderburk has proven to be a reliable and invaluable resource for the Innovative Housing Institute (IHI). His team of engineers and technicians are professional, competent and efficient. The differentiator for me is that he makes himself personally available for consultation and strategic counseling beyond our day to day technical needs. As my team has grown the IHI organization over the years, Curtis Funderburk of SysIntegrity has effectively become its "Virtual CTO".

Samuel Jordan

Executive Director

“SysIntegrity has become a trusted advisor for Fusion Partnerships. They help us manage all aspects of our network, security, compliance and just about anything else from helpdesk to special projects. We are especially proud of the work SysIntegrity has done on our website. Fusion is a fiscal sponsor for over 120 non-profit organizations.  The website created by SysIntegrity is one of our most important channels of communication with and among our clients. The design proudly represents our culture and what we do for our clients to the public at large."

Sarah McCann

Director of Partnerships

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