“SysIntegrity has become a trusted advisor for Fusion Partnerships. They help us manage all aspects of our network, security, compliance and just about anything else from helpdesk to special projects. We are especially proud of the work SysIntegrity has done on our website. Fusion is a fiscal sponsor for over 120 non-profit organizations. The technology needed to manage the relationships among our clients can be challenging. However, through the website created for us by SysIntegrity, that challenge is much less daunting. The website is one of our most important portals for communication with and among our clients. Moreover, the design has become a portal to proudly represent what we do for our clients to the public at large."

Sarah McCann Director of Partnerships
Fusion Partnerships, Inc.

“Over the past 5 years Curtis Funderburk has proven to be a reliable and invaluable resource for the Innovative Housing Institute (IHI). His team of engineers and technicians are professional, competent and efficient. The differentiator for me is that he makes himself personally available for consultation and strategic counseling beyond our day to day technical needs. As my team has grown the IHI organization over the years, Curtis Funderburk of SysIntegrity has effectively become its "Virtual CTO".

Samuel Jordan Executive Director
Innovative Housing Institute

Sheldon and Sons Painting is a family owned business with 28 employees, started in 1972. Over the years we have grown to over 25 employees. In doing so we have learned to adapt with the latest hardware and software technology to run our business more efficiently. We brought System Integrity in at a time when our phones were malfunctioning and our internet connectivity was spotty at best. Our phone system is our lifeline. If it doesn't work properly our business is severely impacted. System Integrity came in and immediately deployed a quality system that we have relied on for the past 5 years. Now our biggest pain point is security; protecting ourselves from spyware, ransomware and phishing attacks. Once again we called on System Integrity to ensure the reliability of our network. They have delivered with quality work and professionalism at every turn.

Scott Sheldon President
Sheldon and Sons Painting